Areas of Practice / 業務範圍  
  Flaming 21 Limited offers a comprehensive range of services for the construction industry, which comprises of the following areas:  
  香港俊智21專業建造管理顧問及培訓有限公司(Flaming 21 Limited – Construction Management Consultancy & Training Services)為建造業提供全面性綜合服務,包括:  
  1. providing consultancy services in the contexts of :  
  • Construction Management;
  • Construction Project Management;
  • Construction Technology and Engineering;
  • Cost Engineering;
  • Estimating and Quantity Surveying;
  • Contract Management ; and
  • Dispute Management
      to those construction related organizations; and  
  於以下的領域提供優質顧問服務給建造業界有關的機構 :  
  • 建造管理;
  • 工程項目策劃管理;
  • 建造科技及工程;
  • 造價工程;
  • 估算及工料測量;
  • 建造合同管理;及
  • 合約糾紛管理;
  2. providing appropriate training and top-up training for working professionals and mature learners in Hong Kong and P.R. China to enable them to further achieve internationally recognized construction related professional qualifications.  

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