About Us / 關於我們  
Luen Hing Metal Manufactory, an affiliated enterprise of Luen Hing Enterprise Co., Ltd, is a manufacturer offering multiple services in investment casting (Lost Wax Casting), machining process (CNC Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Wire Cutting, Stamping), and finishing hardware as well as one-stop assembly. We specialize in manufacture different kind of steel hardware covering several industries such as lock, construction, household, machine equipment and watches industry, etc.
    聯興金屬製品廠是聯興創建有限公司旗下工廠, 專營精密鑄造, 機械加工, 打磨及裝配等業務。產品種類繁多, 包括鎖類、建築配件、家居用品、機械設備及錶帶等.  
‘Luen Hing’ advantage is its people and its strong commitment to service, quality and innovation. Our commitment begins with using the best available equipment, materials, people processes, and technology to manufacture your attractive precision products. Our goal is to produce, on-time and cost effective precision parts that offer you greater opportunities to improve your product design, your cost, and part performance.
    為了提供優質服務,及製造更佳的產品,我們不斷添置先進設備, 採購價廉物美的原料, 培訓在職員工,以及不斷改良生產技術,以迎合不同客戶的要求. 此外, 我們亦注重產品設計, 嚴格控制生產成本及交貨期, 藉以提高本身的競爭能力.